Chapter History

Revised History (2014) of the Tallahassee (FL) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.



On Saturday night, June 29, 1946, 14 Kappa Men of Tallahassee, Florida, confirmed their inclination to establish a local alumni chapter. It was at the Mount Olive Masonic Lodge Hall, located at the southwest corner of Macomb and Tennessee Streets, that these inspired men, presided over by then Southeastern Province Polemarch W. Dickerson Donnelly, chartered what is now known as the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 


The charter members were Brothers Leonard S. Walker, Polemarch; Cornelius M. Speed, Jr., Vice Polemarch; James L. Bruton, Keeper of Records; Vandon R. Jones, Sr., Keeper of Exchequer; James O. Mobley, Strategus; Phillip J. Nelson, Historian & Reporter, Robert Jones, Wallace Stevens, J. R. E. Lee, Jr., Melvin R. Kyler, Sylvester L. Beasley, Harold S. Jenkins, III, R. Frank Nims, Sr., and Elbert W. Jones, Sr. 


Since the humble beginnings of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter, the members have made much progress and have engaged in many activities and projects, which have helped to improve the quality of life of our community. 


Dr. Cornelius W. Grant, currently of the Albany, Georgia Alumni Chapter was initiated into the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter on March 11, 1965, and was subsequently appointed Polemarch of the Southeastern Province and is a recipient of the Fraternity’s two highest awards, the Laurel Wreath and the Elder Watson Diggs Awards. After a long and distinguished career in the field of higher education administration he retired as the Vice-President of Albany State University, Albany, Georgia. 


Dr, Michael R. Moore, was the first member of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter to be elected to a national office in the fraternity, when he was elected as the Grand Chapter Nomination Committee Chairman in 1999. Previously Brother Moore had served the fraternity as Chairman of the National Social Action Committee, Dean of the Kappa National Leadership Institute, Chairman of the African-American Male Summit and Member of the International Headquarters Building Committee. 


Brother Chauncy E. Haynes, was the second member of the Chapter to be elected to a national office, following in the steps of Brother Moore, Brother Haynes in 2011, was also elected as Chairman of the Grand Chapter Nominations Committee. He had previously served as an Undergraduate Member of the Grand Board of Directors while a student at Troy State University, the Theta Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. 


Brother Thomas L. Battles, Jr., formerly of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter, and while a member of the Miami of the Miami, Florida Alumni Chapter, was appointed by Grand Polemarch Robert Harris, Esq., to the position of Southern Province Polemarch. Brother Battles as subsequently elected as a Member of the Grand Board of Directors and is currently serving as the Senior Grand Vice Polemarch of the fraternity.



Several Brothers of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter have served and currently serve the fraternity at an International Level; they are Dr. Edward R. Scott, II, National Medical Director and Chairman of the Health and Wellness Committee, Dr. Michael R. Moore, National Chaplain and Chairman of the National Chaplains Committee, Brother Chauncy E. Haynes, Grand Chapter Nominations Committee Chairman, Brother Alvin Barrington, Chairman, National Advisors Committee. 


Other Members having served as National Committee Chairmen or Members of National Committees includes Brother Alton W. Royal, Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Sr., and Dr. Michael J. L. Smith. 


Brother Ernest J. Lane was appointed to position of Official Vendor of the Fraternity and was privileged to provide most of the special clothing attire and artifacts for the Fraternity’s Centennial Celebration. Today he remains the most recognized vendor in Kappa Alpha Psi. 


The following Brothers of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter have served as Members of the Southern Province Board of Directors: Alton W. Royal, Cornell Cummings, Jerome G. Dilworth, Sr., Chauncy E. Haynes, Edward R. Scott, II, John M. Grayson and Clyde Baker. 


Brother Alvin Barrington is the most recognized Chapter Advisor in the Fraternity, having been named National Chapter Advisor of the Year on at least six (6) occasions. 


Brother Alan B. Williams, a past Polemarch of the Alpha Xi Chapter (FAMU) was the first member of the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter to be elected to public office, when he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2008, Representing District 8. 


Brothers Alton W. Royal and Edward R. Scott, II, have both been elected to the top national office 

of their chosen profession. Brother Royal with College Financial Aid Directors and Dr. Scott with 

the National Dental Association. 


On July 6, 1967, Tallahassee Alumni Chapter received a Certificate of Incorporation not for profit organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Florida. The principle place of business was recorded as 1446 Perry Street, Tallahassee, FL (home of B. L. Perry, Jr.). This action was taken in preparation for the building of the Southern Province Memorial House at Florida A&M University (730 Wailes Street). 


On October 24, 1970 the Southern Province broke ground for the Memorial House. The dedication of the Memorial House took place on November 17, 1973, with Brother Matthew H. Estaras presiding. The Tallahassee Alumni Chapter was very instrumental in the building of the Southern Province Memorial House on the campus of Florida A&M University. In October 1995, the mortgage was burned. 


The Tallahassee Alumni Chapter is continuing to achieve in every field of human endeavor, having accomplished much over the past 68 years. Under the leadership of 26 Polemarchs, approximately 120 men have been initiated into the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter. A number of our members have and are now serving as National Officers, National Committee Chairmen, Provincial Officers and Provincial Committee Chairmen. One of our former members, Brother Thomas L. Battles, is currently serving as Sr. Grand Vice Polemarch. In April 1996, The Tallahassee Alumni Chapter purchased one acre of land with three dwellings; the mortgage was satisfied in October 2013.